Inbound Logistics

A Dallas-Mexico Connection

01 August 2007

With the aim of improving the flow of goods between Mexico and the United States, a Mexican inland port developer and U.S. real estate development firm have partnered to promote a new trade corridor.

The agreement links Interpuerto, a Monterrey-Saltillo, Mexico-based logistics hub, and the Dallas Logistics Hub, a 6,000-acre logistics park currently being developed by San Diego-based The Allen Group.

The connection of the two hubs is part of a larger movement to improve cross-border trade by expanding infrastructure to boost supply chain efficiency. The partners expect the new corridor to improve efficiency, speed, and security, as well as the ability for the two hubs to compete on an international level.

Previously, ineffective transportation between the two countries prevented the hubs from serving companies importing products from around the world.

By adding a customs pre-clearance zone, imports can be cleared before leaving the port of origin, which should expedite shipment flow and provide additional security for companies operating within the two hubs, says Ambassador Francisco Javier-Aleko, executive coordinator for INVITE, the developer behind Interpuerto.

Dan McAuliffe, president of The Allen Group, believes the partnership will provide faster delivery times, which may result in a new competitive advantage for companies in both Mexico and the United States.

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