Dallas Business Journal

Allen Group Signs Deal with Nuevo Leon

June 1, 2007

The Allen Group, which is building a 6,000-acre logistics hub in southern Dallas County, on Friday inked an agreement with the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to create a new trade corridor between Mexico and the United States.

Under the memorandum of understanding, The Allen group and Nuevo Leon will collaborate on several issues including designating a customs pre-clearance zone between Nuevo Leon’s inland port and the Dallas logistics hub. The partnership is expected to create new jobs because the collaboration will improve the security, speed and efficiency of moving goods between the two logistics centers.

The Allen Group, based in San Diego, Calif., said it forged the agreement with Nuevo Leon because inefficient logistics systems in the movement of goods between the Mexico and the United States are a major hindrance to the logistics hubs’ ability to compete with products imported from other parts of the world.

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