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Automotive, High-tech, Aerospace to Benefit From Logistics Corridor – Mexico

01 August 2007

The automotive, high-tech and aerospace industries, among others, will see the benefits of a project to build a corridor between northeastern Mexican state Nuevo León’s Interpuerto Monterrey inland port and the Dallas Logistics Hub in Texas, a Nuevo León government official told BNamericas.

 “Considering that Laredo [Texas] has an [average overall] movement of 8,000 operations per day, plus the Colombia-Nuevo León Bridge has another 3,000, this [provides] a great number” of trade opportunities along the corridor, said the official from INVITE, the state government entity developing the inland port.

The corridor will begin with the construction of a highway, followed by the construction of a railway line, and will run from the Interpuerto Monterrey, eventually connecting to the Dallas Logistics Hub through the existing I-35 highway, the official added.

“The idea we have been working on with our partners is to do a pre-clearance of goods at Interpuerto Monterrey, providing secure and fast trade through the Nafta corridor,” said the INVITE official.

A company will be selected to carry out the highway works through a public-private partnership “in the near future,” the state official added, although a specific date could not be given.

INVITE has signed a memorandum of understanding with Dallas Logistics Hub developer, The Allen Group, to develop the international corridor, The Allen Group previously announced in a press release.

The highway will be operated as a tollroad, with the railway functioning as a sprinter line, with trains running at approximately 40-60 miles (64-96km) per hour, The Allen Group’s director of government affairs and community relations, Leslie Jutzi, previously told BNamericas.

According to Nuevo León’s website, INVITE is a governmental strategic project to promote the state’s regional integration with neighboring northeastern states Chihuahua, Coahuila and Tamaulipas, together with its northern neighbor Texas. It looks to promote Monterrey as a logistics gateway.

For its part, The Allen Group is a privately held commercial development firm that specializes in the development of high-end industrial, office, retail and mixed-use properties throughout the US, with a major focus on developing logistics parks located adjacent to rail, intermodal and highway infrastructure.

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