Allen Group Launches Dallas Hub

April 16, 2007

Commercial property developer The Allen Group launched its logistics hub in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster, Texas on April 13 at the Lancaster Municipal Airport.

More than 6,000 acres are involved in the project, which when complete will include 60 million square feet of distribution, manufacturing, office and retail space. The Allen Group is developing two industrial buildings there. One of the buildings will have 640,000 square feet. The other will have 210,000 square feet. Construction will begin in June and be completed by year-end 2007. The Hub master plan will include warehouse and distribution facilities, light manufacturing, and retail support services, business-class hotels, restaurants, as well as single and multi-family housing.

“The Hub will be a significant factor in the international flow of Asian goods from the U.S. and Mexican ports and into the population centers of the Midwest and east coast of the United States,” said Richard Allen, Chief Executive Officer of The Allen Group.

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